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YOUR HISTORY 1960-2010, 2012

Ruddell Gallery, Black Hills State University, Spearfish, SD

mixed media, 8 x 10 x 4ft


Review by artist, Ann Porter.


“Your History 1960-2010” begins as a poignant memorial to Dieken’s father—to all our fathers, really—with intimate details of his beard, his fingerprints, his suitcase obsessively and lovingly repeated. This time-based piece was built in the gallery over three weeks and consists of several elements. There is wallpaper designed and printed for the installation, and screen prints of her father’s fingerprints cascading out of his suitcase, which is resting on a table. The table is sitting on a handmade rug that is an appliquéd image of his fingerprint enlarged. A memorial; there is a strong narrative component, and the artist is saying goodbye. The details themselves, however lovingly crafted, are not as important as the idea of the story—almost any story. I think this piece addresses larger issues of connectivity, how our relationships are woven together. The images of electrical outlets on the wallpaper and the screen printed extension cord images spilling out of the suitcase along with the fingerprints beg us to take another look at how we fit together with those we care for."

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